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If you're looking for a fun, adrenaline-packed adventure in Butler County, Ohio, then your visit to Hamilton Ohio must be on your calendar. You don't need more than a weekend to explore some of the best things to do in Hamilton, Ohio. There are plenty of places to walk, ride and walk along the river. Whether you're going karting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking or biking, here's a list of some fun things to do with your family, friends, family and friends in Hamilton. Make sure you're exploring at least two weekends in a row, as there are plenty of adventures to be had in and around Hamilton, and you won't need a weekend off - for the time you're exploring more of Butler County.

The fun in the city of Hamilton, Ohio, with a variety of activities and activities for children and adults alike.

The park is located on the Great Miami River and features a creek bed and paddling pools that open in the warmer months. Kings Island offers seven colourful themed areas, including two specifically for children, as well as an Australian themed water resort and a world class ride. King's Island offers world-class rides, a water park and more.

Notable sites include a stunning natural park with a variety of waterfalls, water slides, a water park and a waterfall. Other attractions include the Great Miami River Waterworks, an indoor water park, a children's area and an outdoor park.

We enjoyed visiting Benninghofen House, which connects the Butler County Historical Society with the historic parts of Hamilton. Built in 1863 by the renowned industrialist Clark Lane, this Victorian-style house is now housed in the Hamilton Community Foundation. It is also worth taking a walk down the street from the historic society to admire some of Hamilton's beautiful old houses. Finally, we strongly recommend spending an afternoon in the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park when the weather is nice.

Named the Top Art Museum for Families by Parenting magazine, the museum offers public tours and educational activities for all ages. If you include the Jungle Jim's Donut Trail, we think there's a great family there - friendly things happen.

When it comes to places in Ohio that have a lot to offer, Butler County, Ohio, is on the short list. If you're already in the southwestern cities of Cincinnati and Dayton, Butler County is the perfect part of Ohio to visit. It's quirky and cool, and Hamilton is a perfect base for exploring the area. Hamilton has earned the nickname "City of Sculptures" and its charming shop fronts, art galleries and restaurants invite you to this welcoming Ohio city.

Take your own fresh produce from the various farms and markets and taste the fruits and vegetables of rural life, as well as the meats and cheeses of the region.

The original and unique flavors offer donut lovers the best of both worlds with a wide variety of flavors, from the classic donuts to the more exotic offerings. The menu includes a selection of fresh pastries such as cookies, muffins, cakes and chocolate chip cookies.

This upscale restaurant in West Chester is not easy on the wallet, but you should get what you pay for and you will find a delicious meal. It is named after its owner and is considered one of the best restaurants in the state of Ohio for its excellent service and good food.

It is one of the more peaceful attractions in Cincinnati, not to mention one of the most romantic places to visit. Nature lovers will be thrilled by the beautiful views of Lake Erie, the Great Smoky Mountains and the Ohio River, as well as any nature lover.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is rated one of the best zoos in the country by the Zagat Survey. Liberty Center is the premier entertainment complex in Southeast Ohio. The Union Terminal of the Cincinnati Museum Center houses the world's largest collection of art, science, history and culture. It also serves as the home of the Cincinnati Children's Museum, which reaches nearly 200,000 young people through its hands - with exhibits and programs.

The city boasts impressive landmarks and attractions, including the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is located just outside Hamilton and features more than 60 outdoor sculptures scattered across the nearly 300-acre park. With 60 other sculptures on your potential viewing list, it is just a short drive from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens and the University of Cincinnati.

You can walk, ride a horse or walk the 10-ish mile trail along the Great Miami River. At the end of the trail there is a path to the east and west and then a short walk back to your car or bike.

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